The “I Am” project

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my junior high story

Junior High was torturous. My worst school years. The elementary school I attended fed into 2 different schools and 70% of the kids from my school went to the other Junior High. I was left with zero friends. I was isolated, bullied and down in the dumps. The saving grace was when my older sister moved back home for a year. She picked me back up and gave me the tools to move forward. I began to feel worthy of friendship, I felt loved. My cool, beautiful sister had my back.

Let’s begin 2017 by giving some of these same tools to our kids. I have put together a project that I hope will do just that. I want to give kids a boost of confidence when they need it most.

The I Am project… We have all seen portraits that show the strength, resilience and joy of a person or their hopelessness, fear and grief. With my camera I play and encourage each child while their inner strength glows within. Portraits filled with joy and strength will be made. But that is just the beginning.

Why I Am?… Because the “i love you”s we say over and over to our kids often become epitaphs to the wind. The truth of home, family and love are forgotten. I will photograph these kids beautifully while their parents and loved ones privately tell me what makes their kids special. Together we will create personalized affirmations to remind them of their worth.

Who is eligible? This project is for girls between 10 and 14 years old. My hope is to help parents give their kid an infusion of love and strength.

How to participate… If you want in, email me directly at:

If you love what is created, print collections start at $400 (USD), albums at $600(USD). This would make a great Mothers Day, birthday or continuation gift. But, really, I think this can be given ‘just because’.

Spread the word… If you know a friend or family member that would benefit from the “I Am” project, pass along this page. My reach is small so I am very grateful for any help in extending that reach.

**Post originally published 2016 in Denver, CO**

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