Zedekiah at Home

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Eyes open and content to be. Gotta love it.
This is the blanket I knitted for him. I actually knitted it twice. The first go it was super wide and skinny. I would have rolled him up in it and it still wouldn’t have covered his toes. I think I had 180 stitches across and gave up trying to make it square, so bound it off and ended up with a shawl. But I wanted a blanket. That’s what I get for not using a pattern.
I began again, casting on about 80 stitches the second go ’round. I knitted the even rows and purled the odd until about 70 rows. Now it’s the perfect size and oh so soft.

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  1. Hey Stacie, wandered over from the Miller’s blog. Gosh, you are so talented. I absolutely love your pictures. And your kids are beyond-beautiful. Congrats on baby #3, and hopefully our paths will cross again sometime. Namaste.


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