A Last Visit


In August we had some good friends from Boston come and visit us.  This family lived about 5 doors down from our condo in Jamaica Plain, MA.  Their second child and our eldest would play every week.  We actually had a day when their boy would come to our house and a day when India would stay at theirs.  Of course, they became fast friends.

About 6 months before we moved, we added another girl to our rotation.  Since our move, those two have done almost everything together.  If only we could have stayed!

We were blessed to have this family visit us on their farewell trip across the US in their RV.  They now have 4 children and they will be returning to their home country of Switzerland sometime in November.

When I spend any time with this family I always learn something new; feel energized and inspired.  How could you not be inspired by the Irish flute, drum, and fiddle playing family?  Where the newest ‘baby’ was dad’s accordion?     Oh, and the story of washing their dishes outside, making their own music along side their ancient RV surrounded by retirees in their $100,000 vehicles?  Such adventurers.  Doesn’t everyone long for the freedom to take 3 months and travel a continent, teaching their children along the way?

It doesn’t end there, either.  This mom was the first I knew to order worms for her compost in the basement.  The first to avoid plastic (toys, utensils, anything!).  When I thought buying organic produce was getting me closer to the ideal, she was buying organic cotton.  She always shopped locally before I even had a chance to contemplate the implications of foreign imports.  Her example has helped me think beyond myself and my family when shopping, eating and teaching.  This mom has taught me.  I will miss her example and hope we can make it across the pond to see how this family continues to live and grow.




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  1. thank you stacie, i have to say, i blushed reading this entry…
    never the less, thank you for being such a dedicated photographer-mom-craftster-creative thinker!

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