Family Portrait

Before the Storm

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I got so excited Monday evening when the clouds rolled in and the sky became a beautiful backdrop for my shoot. This family was so fun to photograph. I’d turn from photographing one of the kids to find mom and sis making faces and doing silly things to make bro laugh. Rather than cringe about having their pictures taken, they all embraced it. I love that!







And then it rained cats and dogs.

Out and About

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Spring is a time when families get back together.  Kids are out of school and return home for a little R&R. It was great to see this family all together with the eldest home from his 1st year of college. We wanted to get a great family portrait and a few of the boys… especially the eldest at this time of his life.



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All the way from Argentina

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Our neighbors have had family in town for awhile and wanted to mark the occasion with some portraits. I am so happy they chose me to photograph them. We love living so close to such a wonderful family and can’t wait to have our girls go to school together.

Let’s go someplace different…

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So we did. Every time I see a building with a cool texture or color or pattern I want to photograph at that spot. Saturday this little fam was game for anything. We headed to two of the places I keep seeing. Can’t wait to go to the other spots on my list.
This little guy was so happy and friendly. When I asked for a mean face he got very confused. He’s such a nice kid he hasn’t ever used a mean face.

We’re a Happy Family

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me, mom, and daddy… sorry The Ramones just swim around in my brain sometimes. If you head over to their site you can rock to some tunes. Although only the first line of this song applies to this happy family.
They had a great day. Adoption papers signed and day in court over and done. After all that, it was time for a little hike and some photos to help remember this day. The only thing that could put a damper was the 93 degree weather. Everyone toughed it out and we got a bit of cloud cover at just the right times. We were blessed, in more ways than one.