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Image Transfer

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I’ve had several people ask what they should wear for their portrait.  My answer is simple.  Yes, wear something simple.  Something classic.  Something that says spring or is you.  Or go totally crazy.  I think this process could stand a little outlandish.  A little garish.  A flower crown and tiny bouquet will be on hand at the studio.  Feel free to bring along a favorite baseball glove or soccer ball.  Props work well.

Here’s a look into how I make these lovelies: #imagetransfer #mothersday #minisession #denverphotographer

Wish You Were Here, Week 8

It’s that kind of year. We have been healthy for almost 2 months since our harrowing December of illness. Something has recently arrived in our house. And it doesn’t seem to want to leave. This weekend marked the second weekend in a row of vomiting for my littlest man. Now number 2 has it and the rest of us are holding our breath. Literally. For fear we might breath something in. I think I’ve washed my hands about 100 times in the last 24 hours. Sheets are being washed and I hope the hot water doesn’t make their colors bleed together.
This guy has been with this bowl for awhile now.

As shared on the Wish You Were Here, postcards-from-the-edge weekly project. #winterblues

A Boy and a Camera

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The kids have been playing with this little camera for a few days now.  This guy wouldn’t stop taking photos of me.  What goes around…
Check out what was happening around the world here:
Wish You Were Here #childphotography

Portrait of my man.

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Have you ever had an image in your mind and you just can’t shake it? Lately this image, or one like it, has been living in my brain. After having a pretty busy fall and winter, it’s nice to not have any client work during these cold winter months. I get to photograph for me, myself and I.
This was also my submission to week 6 of the “Wish You Were Here” project #portrait #doubleexposure

Wish You Were Here… January

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This year I have joined a group of women sharing their slice of life each week in a sort of digital postcard. Every Wednesday we share an image showing something from our week. These are the images I shared in January: #wishyouwerehere #8isgreat #wishyouwerehere #wishyouwerehere #sledding #wishyouwerehere #grandparents