You Asked for More…

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So here’s another look at Ezra’s birthday. Enjoy!

When the kids arrived we had them removed their shoes, and socks (too slippery) and get to work catching flies. Mr. Miyagi style. I held the lantern with “flies” dangling around it on a sword while the kids each took a turn with the chopsticks. It’s too bad they don’t know who Mr. Miyagi is. Oh well.

Ez and I love macaroons… not too many kids like those. We found one in the bathroom trash. Hahaha! It was so bad they had to sneak it into the trash! I love these pretzel/rolo/pecan things. It’s nice I can make them with gluten free pretzels. The kids liked the ones without the nuts best… more for me!!

The cupcakes were made with gluten free cake mix along with gluten free brownies as the scarf/headband.

Ok, there’s still more. I am very slow these days. We’ll see when I can get back to this ol’ blog!

More to Come…

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Oh, you should have been there! The girls had so much fun dressing up, getting their hair done, and being photographed. Isn’t that every girls dream? My role as photographer helped the girls at this little fashion show feel like a million bucks. They were all so beautiful. A few of the girls made me laugh, one so hard I fell over. Granted, I was squatting precariously on the sidewalk. I am happy knowing that from each girl I caught a little piece of their personality. Thanks for sharing yourselves with me today. I love photographing. Oh and at such a beautiful shop. Every turn, there was something new and beautiful I wanted to photograph and take home.
I’ve got just two images processed and ready to show. Best friends…

Ahoy Mates

There be pirates ahead!
We went all out for Ezra’s 3rd birthday. We sunk a pirate ship with cannon balls, had a treasure hunt, put jewels on personal treasure chests and had a few sword fights here and there. Oh yes, there was cake and ice cream too.

Our front room had a bit of a makeover.  We needed to turn the house into a ship… this was what we came up with.


The treasure map, thanks to India’s artistic skills.

20090117_0077 20090117_0084

The treasure chests coming together.

20090117_0069 20090117_0082


The booty was found inside this treasure chest.

(Plain trunk purchased at craft store.  With a little paint and glitter glue we made a beautiful treasure chest).



The ship they were to sink with cannon balls.  I think this was an activity to shut the door on and let them have at it.  Whiffle balls were flying!


Two puffs is all it took.  He’d been practicing.


Sharing a seat… for a little while anyway.  Once Ezra noticed, he pushed India off.  Brotherly love.

The party to end all parties

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How could you beat the rock n’ roll birthday party?  What will you do next year?
The kids dressed up, played rock band for awhile, had a watermelon spitting contest (which I won, hehe), were handed  golden cd awards, and even had a cd cover photoshoot a la Stacie.  Here are the results.
I’ll try to name who I can:

Here’s the birthday boy; AKA Tommy Lee

Guns N’ Roses?  No… Lars from Metalica


Singer from “Green Day”

Hannah Montana

The girl from “Camp Rock”

Dude from “Foo Fighters”

Gene Simmons

Halloween Party

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Today was our neighborhood Halloween party.   What a blast.  It was a bit of a blur for me since I was kept on my toes trying to photograph all the different gouls and goblins oh and lots of princesses and pirates!  Go here for the whole collection.  I am offering one free 4×6 per household (Anneslie residents only) per shot until November 23rd.  So order soon! 

To start off, I went as a spider mamma… not really sure of my costume title.  We had a rose, (as she would say “rOse”, heavy on the ‘o’, Baltimore style)  and a spider with many, many fat legs.  Zach was his chaperone… we’ll have to work on his costume before Tuesday:

_dsc7679.jpg  _dsc7337_1.jpg


This little goldfish couldn’t be missed and how cute is this spooky skeleton!

_dsc7504.jpg  _dsc7349.jpg

Watch out for the zombie


Beautiful princess and I love this father and son costume… both on scooters too!

_dsc7533.jpg  _dsc7426.jpg