Senior Portrait

Red Rocks II

This one’s destined for the yearbook. Good choice M.

This shot I think is my favorite from the day. This is so her and she’s wearing her fave, everyday jacket. So glad she brought that along.

On the Farm- Part 2

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Here are some of my favorite images from last week’s shoot.  There are more that I love, but these rise to the top.

We began at the newer farm house, if you are familiar with the Littleton Historic Museum.  Technically we weren’t allowed to photograph near the buildings, but we were quick and only got shooed out of one space.  Even so, we were rewarded with this gorgeous image:


The school house was extra special and since it is off the beaten path, there weren’t any visitors disturbed by our presence.

The field with the sheep!  I guess I didn’t choose one with the sheep in the shot.  Oh well, you can check it out in the online gallery.

On the Farm

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Yesterday we spent some time at the Littleton Historic Museum, an old historic farm.  The kids explored with a very fun friend, whom they wish to spend more time with.  It’s true Emma, Ezra asked several times why we don’t see you more often.  I photographed Megan while the kids played.  We were all doing our favorite things.  Here’s a little preview:

There is much more to come…

Out and About

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Spring is a time when families get back together.  Kids are out of school and return home for a little R&R. It was great to see this family all together with the eldest home from his 1st year of college. We wanted to get a great family portrait and a few of the boys… especially the eldest at this time of his life.



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