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Ok, after all my talk about natural playscapes, we got a climbing gym.  Although I must say that this piece of play equipment has been in the Arapahoe Acres neighborhood since the 60’s so it seems only proper to carry on the tradition.

So far India loves it.  She is able to jump and swing from several bars, like a little gymnast.  She calls it the climbing sculpture.  Zach calls it the rocket ship and is trying to get Ezra to call it that too.   We’ll see which sticks for him.

I’m just glad there is an official kid-thing in the yard that is more like a sculpture, less like a log cabin (as our neighbor, Ron, called the more standard options).  I am so grateful to our neighbors, Ron and Suzanne, for passing this along to us.  This is really how things ought to be acquired, second hand.

Sadly, the branch house was taken down… but it hasn’t been missed.  Once we hear about it again from the kids, we’ll build it up in another spot.  That apple tree wants to live and can’t with all those branches covering it.  Although the little house was much prettier then that crooked tree.

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  1. We love the climbing sculpture/rocket ship. We are also firm believers of second hand goods. Alexa’s arsenal of outdoor toys (including her wagon and all of the her baseball equipment) has been handed down from our generous Newsome Park neighbors. My dad calls me a communist, but if being a capitalist means I must buy all brand new things for this kiddo while ignoring the wealth of stuff already out there, then I’d rather be a commie! Hope you all are well.

    Also we love the dance picture. Strangely enough, Alexa and Marvin went to a dance performance Sunday night! Happy Spring, Alicia/Marvin/Alexa

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