Senior Portrait

We Talked of JT.

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I do know something about Justin Timberlake. Zach and I tried to listen to one of his songs from that new album I kept hearing about. Raves of its coolness somehow pushed through my little bubble of music knowledge. We tried. Now I wonder who was saying these good things. Humm. I think it was NPR.
Well, anyway, I have a general knowledge of what JT looks like and I subtly mentioned this to my friend pictured below. HE likes JT (and his uncle mentioned this nickname to me, so I am using it), so I was happy that I wasn’t too far off base. JT is a pretty stylin’ dude and a pretty all around talented guy, right? I think I saw him in some movie… that one about the guy who invented FB. He was good in that. But my friend here was way more fun to hang with than JT could ever be. Mostly because I will probably never hang with JT. I’m glad we were finally able to make it happen and I really, truly had a blast hangin’ with him and his mom for the evening. Thanks for making the trek up to the ‘hood.





The Kids are Back

When the kids come back in town, it’s time for photos… whether they like it or not. These guys reluctantly liked it… but they sure did smile pretty.

There were a couple of these trucks. We really scored.

I’ve always wanted to shoot against this wall, but the light has always been wrong… Until now. So awesome.

One of the kids saw these posts. Love when I get input from my models.

This chica reminds me so much of my older sister. Something about oldest girls??

I decided to shot without the braces would be appreciated by this guy. Although I think his brace face is pretty cute.

I had lots of fun with these guys. I only hope recovery from the torturous photo shoot was minimal.

Freckles II

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When I get that rare opportunity to photograph it always amazes me the beauty and self awareness I see. I am reminded that everyone is special, important, and beautiful as they are. I hope I am successful at capturing at least a little portion of each person’s self. It is such an important part of my photography, to create a true remembrance of life.

After my last year of High School, I set off on my own and only returned home for holidays. It seems I didn’t ever look back. In a lot of ways I didn’t look back. But really, I made plenty of phone calls and was even homesick. Still I never went back, not for more than 2 weeks. Remembering my past helps me realize just how important these photographs are.

In my own family I am somewhere between wishing they would leave me alone and loving their presence. I can see things shifting with my eldest. She’s beginning to distance herself, if only a little. I see the signs and know I will one day have a girl in need of a senior portrait. May she be as confident and beautiful.



Lost on a beach. Who wants to go back to school? Not her.

Christmas Cards… it’s that time of year again!

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Ok, so November is upon us. “Can’t escape November.”– The Office

I have been asked by the few folks I have photographed this season what I do for Christmas card orders. Well, typically I am told which images a client would like for the card and I create something unique.

I’ve been doing a bit of research and I saw a “newspaper” used for a family newsletter. I found a site with a list of the best newspaper design and got inspired to create this:

I’d like to see what could be done for a folded cards’ interior pages (this example is for a 5×7 flat card). What do you think? Are there any designs out there you would like to see offered by Stacie Smith Photography?

Below is what I have uploaded to the card ordering section of all photo galleries to help you choose your favorite card design. You may also have me design something completely custom. Just choose your images and card size and I’ll run with it, showing you proofs each step of the way.