Child portrait

She Had Blue Skin

“She had blue skin,
And so did he.
He kept it hid
And so did she.
They searched for blue
Their whole life through,
Then passed right by-
And never knew.”
― Shel Silverstein,
Every Thing on It #imageTransfer #HandColoredPhotograph

Ist Birthday- Denver child photographer

Sometimes I just can’t believe when a baby becomes one.  Wasn’t it just a month ago when he was born?  But I know with my babes, when they FINALLY turn one it’s pretty great.  Just wait until diapers are a thing of the past.  Now THAT is a milestone worth documenting… or waiting for… because what kid wants to look at their potty documentary?  But it would be so cute.  Classic pull-out-when-mom-meets-that-girl-he-likes album.  “Oh, look how cute he was!”

Mom was game, if a little unsure, for having me come and photograph at their home.  “Our place is really, really small…”  It was perfect.  Enough light, enough toys, all his favorite things… This little guy was happy, he loved showing me all his favorite things. He really wanted my camera. Wanted to know how that thing works. Something in his eye told me, if he could, he would have taken the thing apart to see all the gears churning inside. A future tinker. #1stbirthday #childphotography #documentaryphotography #1stbirthday #childphotography #documentaryphotography #1stbirthday #childphotography #documentaryphotography #1stbirthday #childphotography #documentaryphotography

Sleep My Child

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When I first seriously thought of guardian angles I was about 16. I figured my maternal grandmother was around, protecting me. I was only 5 when she passed away. I hardly remember her. I know her from photographs, the many paintings that she created and from a vague understanding of how difficult her life must have been.
More recently I have remembered a woman I knew in Boston. She was such a force who shared her faith through song. We visited with a friend about 4 months ago who had her sing in the church where he was the organist. We had all witnessed the strength of her voice in our own Sunday meetings. He told us about the reaction of those in attendance at this other church and the spirit she brought to those meetings. Once, while driving to a choir rehearsal I thought of her, remembered her voice, her strength and her love.
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Wish You Were Here… January

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This year I have joined a group of women sharing their slice of life each week in a sort of digital postcard. Every Wednesday we share an image showing something from our week. These are the images I shared in January: #wishyouwerehere #8isgreat #wishyouwerehere #wishyouwerehere #sledding #wishyouwerehere #grandparents

Ballerina and Lace

Three girls.  I can only imagine what it might be like to have three girls.  Lots of pink, haircare products, poofy dresses and lace.  And at least one ballerina.