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“I Am” Projects- Sydney, North Shore

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I Am projects

When I was 11, I started a new school with high hopes, no friends & one bully. I quickly forgot ANYONE loved me. So when my kids entered the tween years I started photographing their peers, making ‘I Am’ projects for kids 10-20 yr. old. It blows me away every time I see a tween look up & see they are important & that they have people in their corner!

I want to give kids a boost of confidence when they need it most.

An “I Am” project is… a collection of portraits & personalized affirmations for your tween. I photograph each tween in my home studio while parents reach out to family, friends & teachers to privately tell me how your child lights up the room or give words of wisdom to help them through life’s rough patches. A final collection of between 17 and 20 strong, beautiful portraits is presented to your child with the unexpected addition of quotes from their favorite people.

Who is eligible? This project is for adolescents starting at 10 year old through to young adults and even parents and grandparents can be given an I Am project.

What happens after? After I compile the quotes and sort the images I create a presentation of your child’s “I Am” project. You and your child return to my house for the screening to see the images in a multimedia presentation (tissues included).

How to participate… If you want an I Am project for your child, I will be photographing projects through the Spring Holiday and have space for only 5 tweens. I will take bookings until this Friday, 18 September by midnight… Email me directly at:

Print collections start at $450 (AUD). This would make a great birthday or graduation gift. But, really, this is a perfect ‘just because’ gift.

Spread the word… I am very new to Australia and I know very few people… if you could spread the word about my “I Am” projects I would be very grateful.

The Forest at the Edge of the Water

This was the day we were expecting rain but hoping for a clearing in the afternoon.  We got clear skies for a couple hours… just enough time.  The sun wasn’t quite in the right spot when we began, so we headed to the shade of the trees. This is my favorite spot while riding my bike in the mornings.  The birds sing such varied tunes that it is almost (almost!) like being in the tropics.

Once the sun set a bit, we moved to the water’s edge… and it got cold! The blanket wasn’t just a prop, it was useful.  Such a lovely, serene family.

color photograph of a girl in the woods near Denver

Fall family portrait in the woods near Denver

B&W photograph of kids in the woods near Denver

B&W photograph of a dad with his boy


Mom and Dad portrait.

Roth2015-70-2 Roth2015-72-2 Fall famliy portrait at a lake near Denver

Similar But Different

Twins have always fascinated me.  Zach wanted twins when I was first pregnant.  That was ages ago and I think we are both glad to have had all our kids one at a time.

Then we met this family with quads… all boys!  Watching them interact and play is pretty cool.  I can’t believe I actually got all their names down while photographing them.  Their different personalities and their love (and annoyance) for each other is beautiful.  All normal stuff, but different in little twin-ish ways from my singletons.

Autumn and I met about a year ago.  We are both creatives (she’s amazing and on Instagram @kimballcreative), and we’ve all spent time in Sydney so the connection was immediate.  I look forward to hanging with these guys as the years go by.

black and white portrait of twin brothers





Fall family portrait on a fence with quadruplets


Color photograph of a boy playing in a creek near Denver

fall family portrait at a creek with quadruplet boys near Denver



B&W photograph with quadruplets



b&w photograph of boys running

Fall family portrait with dad giving a big hug.


Family portrait at sunset.

Photograph of a hug from mom beside the road.

Photograph of a sunset with a kid running alongside the road near Denver

Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi

Friends, fun and home.  That is my absolute favorite thing to photograph.  I had the chance to visit my beautiful friend Ann Madden this last weekend.  She is probably one of the funniest people I have ever met.  Not only did I spend time with her, but my other two friends, Katy Tuttle and Kim Turner Smith, joined in on the fun.  We all went down to visit Ann and explore Bay Saint Louis and enjoy her gallery, Smith and Lens.  We each had a couple pieces in her show, Wonderland.  Really I wanted to see this place for myself.  It did not disappoint.

Family portrait, yellow house

Cutest family ever.

yellow house, front porch, kid with a trombone, #stacieannsmith,

The trombone made great noises.


This is my favorite kitchen. I have photographed many kitchens and have never come across one with so much character and warmth. I need to spend more time in the south.

southern kitchen, beadboard, rustic, aprons

A story in every inch of this place.

girl brushing hair getting ready to be photographed

and art everywhere

girls bedroom full of art, #stacieannsmith

dreamiest kids room.


photograph between drying drop cloths, black and white, #stacieannsmith

The drop cloths pulled us all in. It reminded me of bit of the corner Penn built… a lot less controlled. Much more imperfect, but still cool.


sisters on back porch, #stacieannsmith

So much greenery everywhere. Palms and lush, tropical foliage everywhere I turned. I want this porch and the light just makes it over the top.

photograph of a girl on backyard swing

So much energy. Donuts eaten before photographing guaranteed laughter and movement. I highly recommend sugar before a shoot… only if you can keep smiling with the crazy that follows.

The Kids Next Door-

and then I said: “Let’s start in the garage. It’s very glamorous, daaaling.” I am all about glamor. Can’t you tell by my big hair, red lips and painted nails? If you know me at all, you know that haircuts, makeup, nails and facials are not really my thing. I had my first pedicure- ever- in August (my second was yesterday… pampering isn’t all bad). I think I just have other things on my mind. I know about a lot of things, but the options at a salon isn’t one of them.
So, back to glamor. I guess this is as close as I get to a glamor shot… as taken in my garage. #denverphotographer #childphotographer

I love that he climbed into the tree swing. Kids just do stuff. You turn your head for a minute and the next thing you know, they’re up in a tree or digging holes in you garden or singing a song. #denverphotographer #childphotographer #denverphotographer #childphotographer #denverphotographer #childphotographer

These kids are pretty nutty. All little sis wanted to do was play- enough already with the photos. I get the feeling that most people would rather not be photographed. Big brother was a huge help… with sis thinking his help was too much touching.

Do you love being in front of the camera? Or would you rather have a root canal?