March 2007

My Newest Neighbor

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This weekend I was finally able to photograph our newest neighbor. Between winter’s illnesses and baby acne I wasn’t sure if it was going to happen. But it did and look how cute he is:


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Friday was such a beautiful day I packed the kids in the car and we headed out to the farm. Our friends who live on the farm told us there is a new baby horse. We didn’t get a chance to see the foal, but I was able to participate in GOYA Friday. Ok, so I haven’t posted to the flicker site, but I am on my way to getting off my arse and shooting something for myself once a week. Visit the link and you can see what Zach has begun. Pretty cool.

We are moving

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Zach received an awesome job offer from a cochlear implant company near Denver. The offer was up in the air for what seemed like forever and it was finalized the first week of March. We put our place on the market last week and it has gone under contract after only 24 hours. We are sad to be leaving after such a brief stay in Baltimore. With everything moving so smoothly, it must be for the best.
Where are we moving? -to Denver. We’re excited because it sounds like people spend a lot of time outside. I am especially excited to begin photographing the desert again. Hopefully I can find some old, derelict buildings out there. But I must admit that I am a bit fearful that everything is new out there. Hopefully we can stay away from the California suburb type neighborhoods. Schools are a big factor for our decision, and the burbs have good ones. We’ll just have to find an area that we are comfortable with.
This is a photo I took of our current home in all its glory. More updates soon: