I Am project investment
$700 to $2000

I Am projects are a unique way to say I Love You. This is not simply a photo shoot, it is a reminder to your person
of how much you value their presence in your life. These projects are beyond any other gift you could give and will impact your
loved one for years to come. Most appropriate for people over 10 years old and something
any individual, at any age, would appreciate.

Portrait investment
$700 to $2000

A Day-in-the-Life session or a standard family portrait session are both options when photographing with me.
I love to highlight interactions and the love we feel when we are in our most comfortable places. I also love to visit and
photograph at the most beautiful places. Either way, you will come away with a set of
photographs that are beautiful and authentic.

Milestone investment
$2000 to $6000

Milestone sessions can be booked biannually (x2 per year) or quarterly (x4 per year)
with pricing reflective of the number of times we photograph together. Each session is a Day-in-the-Life with your
favourite activities and favourite spaces highlighted. After our last session, I create a bespoke album
documenting activities, your places and the interactions between your very favourite people.