Stacie’s Story

In high school I wanted to be a fashion photographer, to photograph bands for Rolling Stone. I wanted to photograph the glamorous and famous. Then I went to college and saw what Richard Avedon, Cindy Sherman, Eugene Smith, Imogene Cunningham, Julia Margaret Cameron, Irving Penn and many others created and documented with their cameras. Richard Misrach with his stark landscapes and subtle color pallet of the Nevada Badlands influenced much of my work while I lived in Utah. I discovered that subtle beauty is everywhere.

My photographs began to tell stories, make jokes and statements. I grew up and decided I wanted to be a story teller. Before graduating in 1999 I photographed a few narratives, the biggest and most public being the work I did for the book “Streaked With Light and Shadow” an oral history of the Russian Jewish immigrants in Utah. The photographs I made and stories I learned are still with me today.

After leaving Utah we spent seven years in Boston where I learned hands on from commercial and wedding photographers and began a thriving wedding photography business. While in Baltimore (almost 2 years) and Colorado I began photographing more and more families. As my family grew and my children aged I saw their struggles and remembered mine at that in-between age. I began offering I Am projects to help families remind their kids how much they are cherished.