May 2007

My First and Last

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A couple of weeks ago I photographed my first wedding of the year and my last wedding in Baltimore. I can’t believe our stay was so short. One and a half years, almost to the day.
This was such a beautiful wedding and we really lucked out on the weather. I love the spring and especially love daytime weddings! Here are a few of my favorites:


Last words of encouragement from mom.
I love the color and light of this shot.
Right when they were pronounced Mr. and Mrs. the groom let out a big sigh and the geese began honking. The crowd got a kick out of that.

Beautiful environment. I love that there were two old barns on the grounds.
Even with the threat of rain, the tent was bright and cheery
I love, love this color!

Now this is a girl who knows how to eat. I have another shot of her eating bacon and eggs. I only wish my girl had such a wide range of foods.
Lots of kids at this wedding. These are only a few of the awesome shots I got of them.
Oh, and grownups acting like kids. This is the soduko game at the kid table.
What a great smile. It only took a bit of coaxing.
These kids were a lot of fun. Later in the day we went off on a photo adventure where they could do anything in front of the camera. Much better than the family group photographs they had to sit still through.

Ah, the petal toss. I love it! What a great way to end a perfect day.

We are in Denver

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It’s official, we have arrived to our new home… well, our furnished rental that we can call home for the next couple of months. Hopefully we can find a cool new neighborhood that we will love as much as Annaslie. Fat chance!
Anyway, on my to do list is getting my website optimized for the Denver searches so I can start working again. Not that I’m bored. I’ve still got a few Baltimore shoots that I need to process and upload. More photos to come! Soon! I even have a wedding I would like to post ASAP. Stay with me, I’ll catch up.