October 2007


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That’s what I’m hearing right now. My little one won’t take a nap and is very angry. Sometimes it takes letting him cry a bit, then he’ll climb into my lap and take a snooze. We’ll see.

Fall Harvest

Last weekend we headed to the harvest festival at the Little Museum. We got there a bit late and didn’t have any cash on hand. Who uses cash anymore anyway? But we experienced a tiny miracle. As we walked towards all the activities we were handed enough tickets by folks leaving to get us a hay ride!
Some images from the day

Fall Shoots

The cutoff for holiday cards, if you want them in time for Christmas arrival, is November 23rd. That means you need to have your images decided on by that date. If you are running a bit late, don’t worry, I have sent New Year’s cards and loved having the extra time to get them out.
In any case, don’t let fall pass you by. It sure has for me!

Go Rockies??

Ok, it looks like the Rockies and the Red Socks will be at the World Series. Now who do we root for? You know, I’ve never written those words before (and I’m not quite sure how to spell ‘root’, is it really like a tree root?). Um… rooting for any team has never, ever been an issue. But now it seems to me that it has some sort of connection to our old digs. I think Zach will be rooting for the Rockies while I might be cheering on the Sox.


We have been to a couple of Rockies games. Both had fireworks at the end. They won the first, lost the second (which is pictured here). It has been nice having our little, itty-bitty point and shoot camera. I can take it anywhere and capture everything. Although I don’t ever look like I’m a photographer with it. Humph.


img_0942.jpg img_0943.jpg
This is at the train stop on the way to the game. The sky was very pretty. Made me wish I had my real camera. I need to get down to the tracks and take some photos.

Zach at the game.