May 2009

Visits from Grandparents

Since Zedekiah was almost 2 weeks early, it seemed like forever before my mom came to help. It was great having her around. The number of adults equaled the number of kids for a week… now we’re outnumbered but we’re getting used to it.
4_28_09_4693 4_28_09_4699

After my mom’s visit we had another couple of weeks before Zach’s parents came out. I’m a total lamer and didn’t take any pictures of the with Zed. So there isn’t any photographic evidence of their visit. But there is still proof that they came!
We had scheduled Zed’s father’s blessing for his parents’ visit and I had been knitting a vest for the babe to wear. When Zach’s mom saw it she quickly decided that he needed a pair of pants. She knitted these up in a day and a half. Unbelievable.
I took these photos a few days after they left. Don’t you just love Zedekiah’s quiet smile? He really began smiling the day of his blessing (the 17th). After the blessing we had our neighbors and friends come and visit. Kind of a welcome party for Zedekiah, but very low key with folks in and out throughout the afternoon. It was very nice.