October 2009

Home Tour = Home Improvement

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Well, if you ever decide to open your home for a home tour to benefit a school or something, just know that craziness may ensue. As with the Smith household, there were a few crazy moments. Walls painted, juniper bushes uprooted, bathroom redone. Then there’s the cleaning. Oh, the cleaning. What a big pain.
But really, I think it was all worth it. The school raised $3000!

This is the tile around our tub now. I wish I had taken a before photo. Oh. My. Gosh. it was soooo bad. The tub surround was lovingly called a tiger eye pattern by Anson. The floor was a mix of ceramic tile in a stucco color along with particle board and ugly brown linoleum in patches; some places in layers 10-20 thick to fill in holes around the edges of the floor. The sink was made of the same tiger eye material and the cabinet was rotting and just disgusting. This is what it looks like now. The cabinet Anson made for the tour is a mock-up in birch. Lovely, but I will wait for the final product before I photograph it.

This piece lived in the bathroom and hung horizontally over the sink.  It is original to the home, unlike the other lovely (yuck) pieces that we gutted from that room.  The problem is, we would like to have a towel bar over the toilet, which keeping this piece on the wall wouldn’t allow.  So I got the idea to make it into this.  Anson put in the shelves and I painted it up.  I think it looks very nice in India’s room and fits perfectly next to her closet.


Painting this wall in I’s room may have caused some contention in our home.  It wasn’t on the list.  But I got it done and I think it is perfect.