June 2010

Lemonade Stand

Ain’t summer grand? This summer has been awesome. Swimming, playing, and the ubiquitous lemonade stand. Ezra has recently been brainwashed by Disney into thinking he wants Buzz and Woody dolls. I told him he’d have to earn the money. This stand was pushed by both kids, but Ezra was the driving force behind it.

India made a great sales woman. She needed some help with the pouring, mainly since our jug has a top that won’t stay open. We should really upgrade.

Zed is very proud of his drinking skills and shows them off as often as he can.

All Ezra needed was a giant lemon costume.

But of course he had to drink 3 or 4 glasses himself.

Almost 15 months

I can’t believe how big my littlest one is getting. He is still a tiny, but soon he’ll be tearing it up. He already tears up the house. We have been trying to keep the place picked up and the older kids have been helping to pick up the toys. We find it doesn’t really make much of a difference. The baby’ll just pull everything out again. The toys stay away maybe for the rest of the evening. So we pick up every other day (or every other, other day).

That little smile of his is so sweet… I know there is trouble brewing behind the cover of sweetness.