July 2010

Home Tour 2010

The next Arapahoe Acres Home Tour is scheduled for Saturday, August 28th 1-5pm. Head over to the site for more information.

This is the latest home I was honored to photograph in the Arapahoe Acres neighborhood.

His Part

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Here’s Zed playing his part in the wrestling match. Just a kick and nudge here and there. He looks pretty calm about the whole thing, don’t you think?

A Birthday Gift

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I’ve run out of gift making ideas. But I’m pretty sure they loved it. It’s a pretty big print (my lab was having a nice sale) so I’m curious to see where they put it.

Such a pretty girl. It’s so fun to see her grow.

What do you think this is? Summer??

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Yes, yes. I feel I haven’t been posting much lately. It’s true. I have quite a backlog of images. I sent this book out who knows how long ago and I’m just now posting about it.
It is always sad to send the albums I make away. I want to keep them all, they are so beautiful. I can image my kids looking through them in 10 years. “Who the heck are these people?” It’s very good (for everyone) that I send the albums to their rightful owners.

I love this paper and am so happy with how the cover turned out.

Just a couple of my favorite pages in the album. I really like the images to take up the whole page… and more.

I’m From Kenya

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Yes, yes, yes. But are you sure you aren’t from Nigeria? I’m sure that’s where you’re from! Ha! Oh, and I decided not mention my lack of knowledge as to where anything is on the African continent. Wow. I guess when I made that map of Africa last year for our Ethiopian baby shower the info went right out of my mind. I do know where Ethiopia and Namibia are, thank you very much!
Ok, let’s get past my obvious lack of geographical knowledge. These two met at school and fell for each other. After 6 months in Kenya, Edwin made it back to the states to marry his sweetheart. I know their wedding will be a special day and I can’t wait to photograph this beautiful couple again.