October 2010

Tiny Fashionistas

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These are some of my favorites. To see all the images I took on Saturday go here.

More to Come…

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Oh, you should have been there! The girls had so much fun dressing up, getting their hair done, and being photographed. Isn’t that every girls dream? My role as photographer helped the girls at this little fashion show feel like a million bucks. They were all so beautiful. A few of the girls made me laugh, one so hard I fell over. Granted, I was squatting precariously on the sidewalk. I am happy knowing that from each girl I caught a little piece of their personality. Thanks for sharing yourselves with me today. I love photographing. Oh and at such a beautiful shop. Every turn, there was something new and beautiful I wanted to photograph and take home.
I’ve got just two images processed and ready to show. Best friends…

What are you doing Saturday

Before getting our pumpkins this Saturday, India a few friends and I will be heading up to Talulah Jones for their Fall Fashion Show. India and her two friends are actually going to be models…. On the catwalk! So if you don’t have a million other things to do on Saturday, join us at noon. If you haven’t visited Talulah Jones, you really should. You will not be disappointing. Housewares, women’s clothes, kids clothes and toys… all either very cool, European, local, green. Any buzz word that gets you excited, you will find a little bit of that there too. Think I’m exaggerating? Ha, you’ll just have to come and see. It’s just east of Downing on 17th. See you there.


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I love the warmth of fall. Even shooting at noon, great light can be found. I had a great time with this family, getting to know them and capturing their energy.
Thanks guys!

3 Years Later…

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Almost to the day. They have grown! It’s hard to believe it was 3 years ago that I had my first family portrait in Colorado. Wow, time sure does fly. Even though I am not quite ready to get back into shooting to make a living, I am excited when I get the chance to flex my creative muscles. I’m sure my kids appreciate me not using them as guinea pigs too. Ezra especially has become very reluctant to be photographed. He whines and complains the entire time. Can’t tell, can you? That’s just shows how deceptive the camera can be.
Case in point… little girl didn’t want her picture taken. She was fighting it the entire time. Can you tell? Sure, there are only a few images of her here. But really, I only caught a hand full of pouts and maybe two grimaces. Sure she didn’t perform as a rock star in the last batch of images, but really… her attitude is so rock and roll it works. Even a tough cookie can photograph well. Especially one as cute as this:

The light and color were making me swoon.

A few minutes later…

The transformation is complete.