April 2011

School/Community Garden Update

The garden will hopefully be completed in time for the kids to return to school in August. I am so excited this is finally going to happen! Thank you Arapahoe Acres homeowners and tourists the past two years and Englewood’s Parks and Recreation Department for securing a grant to pay for this project. So cool how things fall into place!

Happy Easter

The annual Easter egg hunt on our street. Can’t get much better than that!

FYI: Ezra made the cute basket in preschool. We are doing no projects these days at home… unless it has to do with homework… oh and there are BIG plans for India’s 9th coming up. We’ll see how (and if) it comes together.

The Smith House Happenings

Where have the Smith’s been? Here, there and wishing we were anywhere but home.
A couple months ago our sewer line backed up and now we need new floors. (Be careful what is flushed down the toilet!) We have been living with a half torn up floor for about a month and this week the rest has been torn out. We are currently without a kitchen. But I have the use of the computer; which keeps getting unplugged and moved so I’ve lost the habit of being on it.
So if you have been wondering what has been going on over here, that about sums it up. Here are some photos of what our house looked like earlier today. It is now much, much worse.

If you want the full effect, come and visit. It’s crazy.