August 2011

Urban. Take two

I’ve had some time to look through and process a few of my favorites from Saturday’s shoot.  They are all so great, it was hard to choose just a few.


Cello Concert

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The first thing India said when she entered her rehearsal was “This dress is from France.”  This was said to her teacher, who is male.  I thought “Why is she telling him that?  She tells everyone everything!”  But once we were sitting for the performance and her teacher announced that each of the 4 or 5 classes learned songs written by French composers, I understood why she shared that information.  This dress was purchased online after seeing this exact dress on Design Mom… with her daughter wearing her hair in a similar fashion too.  It was just too cute, and too inexpensive, to pass up.  Who knew it would be so appropriate for India’s cello concert.

Then there was pizza.  We had a great time and enjoyed the performance very much.

My Boys

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These were taken while we waited for India’s cello performance.  The boys were dressed nicely and the sky was threatening rain.  What better time to photograph?  You do know when a storm comes it brings along with it some of the most beautiful clouds.  I always love the contrast between a dark, stormy sky and the warm sunlight near the horizon that often filters through.  We get that sort of beautiful light often in Denver.  I didn’t take advantage of the stormy sky this day, but the light was perfectly soft and bright, making the boys faces open and bright.