November 2011

Christmas Cards… it’s that time of year again!

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Ok, so November is upon us. “Can’t escape November.”– The Office

I have been asked by the few folks I have photographed this season what I do for Christmas card orders. Well, typically I am told which images a client would like for the card and I create something unique.

I’ve been doing a bit of research and I saw a “newspaper” used for a family newsletter. I found a site with a list of the best newspaper design and got inspired to create this:

I’d like to see what could be done for a folded cards’ interior pages (this example is for a 5×7 flat card). What do you think? Are there any designs out there you would like to see offered by Stacie Smith Photography?

Below is what I have uploaded to the card ordering section of all photo galleries to help you choose your favorite card design. You may also have me design something completely custom. Just choose your images and card size and I’ll run with it, showing you proofs each step of the way.

Our Halloween Night

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The kids had some great ideas of what they wanted to be for Halloween. India wanted to be a cyborg dragon, Ezra a mummy and Zed Spiderman, then a ghost, then a zombie… and Zach swears that he has never seen me without face makeup on any Halloween (oh, except last year). Ha!

We had a great night terrorizing the neighborhood as politely as we could and only got yelled at once. Some guy who insisted that when anyone’s porch light is off that means “Do not disturb”. Too bad his interior lights were on and he was sitting in the front room, where we could see him. His costume of a grumpy neighbor was a hit. We all felt he kept in character the entire time he yelled at us.

Otherwise it was a banner year, with lots of kids (more than 5) coming to the door. I gave out skin stickers (aka tattoos) skull bracelets, witch fingers, and mustache glasses which were a big hit with Ezra. He loves that there are some left over for him to play with.

Update: I can only claim responsibility for Medusa’s braids. Her mom came up with the rest!