May 2013

Sand Dunes

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On our way back from Pagosa Springs (our vacation spot for Spring Break), we decided to check out the Sand Dunes. Lots of sand, lots of wind.






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We had so much fun Friday that it was truly difficult to see the girls go home so early.  It may have something to do with the fact that we hadn’t sung happy birthday or eaten any cake (brownie) and that we didn’t get to take that group shot on the wall that was suggested.  That’s not to say I didn’t get any great photos.  I did.  These girls really started to play in front of the camera.  All of their masks were stunning.  It was so great to see them create with such abandon.  Glitter, rhinestones and feathers.  It makes for good making!

Here’s a shot of the birthday girl strutting her stuff in front of the camera… and her friends.  Santigold was playing.  Taylor Swift was requested… but really, not grovin’ enough. Come on!Masquerade_2013_23BW

This month’s Ignite Fine Art Blog Circle photograph is brought to you by an 11 year old girl’s birthday party.  Follow the link to Renee Bonuccelli’s blog and see more great photographs in this month’s photo circle.


On the Couch 3

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This happens sometimes. Video games are lots of fun and someone gets really antsy while playing. Thought I’d try to capture the feel of being in a room with a video game nut.Couch3_25_2013_07




Couch 2

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Since it has been winter forever in Denver, the couch has been a popular spot in our house. Also, I’ve been spending lots of time on the couch too (broken foot). Although no one is photographing me. I thought maybe you all might enjoy a few posts with images from the couch