March 2014

“Talking Backwards”

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This song keeps turning ’round inside my head. “Talking Backwards” by Real Estate. If you haven’t heard it click the link already.
Since I am typically around my kids all day, I get a bit of a shock when I’m actually socializing with adults. Every once in awhile I’ll get to hang with real people; face to face. In my mind’s eye I’m too loud and inappropriate. Like this: #talkingbackwards #personalproject

Be sure to continue through the Ignite blog circle by visiting the blog of Tricia Bovey in Virginia. This circle includes so many amazingly talented women.

Ist Birthday- Denver child photographer

Sometimes I just can’t believe when a baby becomes one.  Wasn’t it just a month ago when he was born?  But I know with my babes, when they FINALLY turn one it’s pretty great.  Just wait until diapers are a thing of the past.  Now THAT is a milestone worth documenting… or waiting for… because what kid wants to look at their potty documentary?  But it would be so cute.  Classic pull-out-when-mom-meets-that-girl-he-likes album.  “Oh, look how cute he was!”

Mom was game, if a little unsure, for having me come and photograph at their home.  “Our place is really, really small…”  It was perfect.  Enough light, enough toys, all his favorite things… This little guy was happy, he loved showing me all his favorite things. He really wanted my camera. Wanted to know how that thing works. Something in his eye told me, if he could, he would have taken the thing apart to see all the gears churning inside. A future tinker. #1stbirthday #childphotography #documentaryphotography #1stbirthday #childphotography #documentaryphotography #1stbirthday #childphotography #documentaryphotography #1stbirthday #childphotography #documentaryphotography

Wish You Were Here, Week 8

It’s that kind of year. We have been healthy for almost 2 months since our harrowing December of illness. Something has recently arrived in our house. And it doesn’t seem to want to leave. This weekend marked the second weekend in a row of vomiting for my littlest man. Now number 2 has it and the rest of us are holding our breath. Literally. For fear we might breath something in. I think I’ve washed my hands about 100 times in the last 24 hours. Sheets are being washed and I hope the hot water doesn’t make their colors bleed together.
This guy has been with this bowl for awhile now.

As shared on the Wish You Were Here, postcards-from-the-edge weekly project. #winterblues