November 2014

Clothes… Vintage… 80’s even

How many times can Dani Lands change her clothes in a 2 hour block of time? About 30. Here’s a snippet of what we got done together the other day. She is starting her own vintage clothing shop over on etsy. Check out her killer wares, perfect for these cold days. #VintageFashion #EtsyShop #VintageFashion #EtsyShop

Products: Coffee Table, a proof

Isn’t a coffee table book just a big person’s picture book? I love illustrated children’s books, some of the art blows me away, not to mention the rhythm and rhyme. I have a few coffee table books, two I purchased last year. I should share them with you here.  Both are amazing.  I need more.
This summer I photographed this little family. These kids are lucky to have two amazing matriarchs in their lives. The past couple days I’ve worked on this album proof, remembering all the personalities raging and crashing into each other.
I hope mom gets a minute this weekend to take a look and hopefully give me an ok.
When I photograph a Documentary Session, this book is included.
Wanna see what it looks like on a coffee table?  Gimme a couple weeks and it’ll be here. #albumProof #denverphotographer #coloradophotographer #documentaryphotographer #familyphotographer