January 2015

I had no idea…

Hey blog.  It’s been a tough couple of weeks.  I’m not really sure how to process it all, so I’ll share a little here. A bit of writing therapy. Here goes:

My dad passed away and I’ve been left to wrap my mind around a few major issues.  He decided it best that I didn’t know he had cancer for the past 8 years and bed ridden and dying since Thanksgiving.  I’m not sure why anyone would keep their death from their own daughter, but that was what he chose.  It is strange and bizarre and I feel a bit cheated.  We weren’t close.  He was a hard man; difficult to love, difficult to understand his motivations… prickly.   I believe he wrote me off because of political differences which is ridiculous to me.  So I feel like I don’t really know why the past 6 or 7 years he had been pulling away, if only to save me from grief.  Which I also don’t understand.

I visited with my siblings after his death.  There was no service so we made our own.  Below is pictured our time together recounting the good times we had with our dad.  We also wrote questions to him, since he left us with so many, and burnt them in the fire.  Having returned to California and Huntington Beach specifically brought back so many childhood memories.  So much has changed but I found some old HB between the newly built skin.  Those images I have been posting on my instagram feed as a sort of homage to my dad.
www.stacieannsmith.com #HuntingtonBeach #sayingGoodbye

www.stacieannsmith.com #HuntingtonBeach #sayingGoodbye

www.stacieannsmith.com #HuntingtonBeach #sayingGoodbye

www.stacieannsmith.com #HuntingtonBeach #sayingGoodbye

Hello blog. Hello new year.

I have taken quite a bit of time away from my blog. I’ve ignored you, poor baby. I’ve been too busy with the Holiday rush and life to make any updates. Often I wonder if anyone even reads blogs anymore. Do you? Let me know… otherwise I’ll just assume I’m talking to air, which is cool too.

This month I’m offering a Photo 101 Course. I figure this time of year is a great time to learn something new, become better at a skill. It’s when we all resolve to be better.  See, I’m resolving to not ignore my blog.

If you’d like to become a better picture taker, I’ve got you covered.  We’ll spend a good part of a Saturday together and you will finally sort out what the heck an f-stop is and how to see light and photograph your kids without pulling out your hair.  It’ll be great.  I’m only allowing 8 participants to keep things small and intimate and personal.  You can even tell me what you struggle with or what you love to photograph when you register.  That way, this class will be catered to you.  Besides, hangin with me for a few hours on a Saturday is exactly what you want to do, right?

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