November 2015

Neighbors of Mine

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This boy is a favorite in my house.  Older than my boys by several years, but one they look up to and look forward to seeing at swim team each summer.  They also love kicking a ball around, since all three are passionate about soccer.

We squeezed this session in between our busy schedules.  Dance rules this girl’s life.  A Twila Tharp in the making.

fall family portrait near Denver, Colorado Maples2015-11-2 Maples2015-14-2 Parents fall family portrait near Denver, Colorado b&w portrait of a brother and sister near Denver, CO

How Much Longer?

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I heard that after I think 2 minutes of photographing these guys.  Ha!  After a few laughs, and some rock collecting and throwing, we walked back to the car as the sun set.  Sometimes kids just don’t want to sit and look at a camera.  That’s when a little play… or compromise… bribes… is needed. Dress shoes are overrated, anyway.

Fall family portrait before a storm b&w photograph of boy holding a stick H2015-117 boys on the sand with their dad H2015-254-Edit H2015-301