Documentary Family Portrait

Winter Work

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The winter is a different time for me. I get to make photographs for me and me alone. My kids probably like it best when I’m busy photographing other people…

a color photograph of a child who's head is covered by the huge bowl of popcorn

I don’t need any faces

a b&w photograph of a kid eating popcorn while also drinking from his cup near Denver

no smiles required

A b&w photograph of two kids eating from a huge bowl of popcorn at their home in Denver

finger lickin’ good, cha.

In the Mornings

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I’ve been booking fall sessions and my mind has been wrapped around photographing outside.  Then the thought came to me that once the weather turns, I will not photograph people as much.

india with book-1

India pages through last year’s book.

Yesterday I began organizing my annual photo book and found a group of images, similar in that they were all taken inside the house… in the mornings… with snugly, drowsy kids.  I’ve shared many of these here in different posts, but thought I’d bring them together into one story.  As they should be seen.

I’d love to do this for you.  You game?  Contact me and we’ll choose a nice, cold day for you to snuggle and me to photograph.

Either way, take a look at the morning story I put together.  Having these mixed with the rest of our annual story will be so cool.

sunrise photograph on a winter morning

boy snuggling with kitten, b&w photograph

Our kitten was so tiny.

eating a bowl of cereal, b&w photograph

The cat still will put her paw on his eyes.

b&w photographs from above of boy with his kitten


photograph of kids under their blanket fort

b&w photograph documenting morning at home

partial silhouette of boy playing with kitten, b&w photograph


boy with his cat cuddling on couch, b&w photograph

This one still gets sick from wheat every once in awhile.


b&w photograph of brothers wrestling

injuries adding up.

b&w photograph of kids playing soccer in their house


kids on top of bunk bed, b&w photograph

kids' baseball card collection

color photograph with boys watching tv on the couch

Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi

Friends, fun and home.  That is my absolute favorite thing to photograph.  I had the chance to visit my beautiful friend Ann Madden this last weekend.  She is probably one of the funniest people I have ever met.  Not only did I spend time with her, but my other two friends, Katy Tuttle and Kim Turner Smith, joined in on the fun.  We all went down to visit Ann and explore Bay Saint Louis and enjoy her gallery, Smith and Lens.  We each had a couple pieces in her show, Wonderland.  Really I wanted to see this place for myself.  It did not disappoint.

Family portrait, yellow house

Cutest family ever.

yellow house, front porch, kid with a trombone, #stacieannsmith,

The trombone made great noises.


This is my favorite kitchen. I have photographed many kitchens and have never come across one with so much character and warmth. I need to spend more time in the south.

southern kitchen, beadboard, rustic, aprons

A story in every inch of this place.

girl brushing hair getting ready to be photographed

and art everywhere

girls bedroom full of art, #stacieannsmith

dreamiest kids room.


photograph between drying drop cloths, black and white, #stacieannsmith

The drop cloths pulled us all in. It reminded me of bit of the corner Penn built… a lot less controlled. Much more imperfect, but still cool.


sisters on back porch, #stacieannsmith

So much greenery everywhere. Palms and lush, tropical foliage everywhere I turned. I want this porch and the light just makes it over the top.

photograph of a girl on backyard swing

So much energy. Donuts eaten before photographing guaranteed laughter and movement. I highly recommend sugar before a shoot… only if you can keep smiling with the crazy that follows.

Day in the Life: Leaving the Mid Mod Nest

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I have often day dreamed about visiting friends who live in far away places. Jet setting to visit a new local and enjoy the company of my good friends. My “Those I Love” personal project was born from these dreams.
I have been lucky enough to reconnect with several friends lately, one of which I didn’t photograph! We met after the sun went down, that is my excuse… and really, I get shy about asking for a photo. I am keenly aware that people aren’t super happy to be in front of the camera… especially when the idea is sprung on them. So I leave my camera in its bag, and kick myself later that I didn’t get even one photo of my friend (who lives in Mexico City).
But a few months ago I reached out to our good friends in the Bay Area who had mentioned wanting photographs in their Eichler home. A day in the life. Their son is about to leave the nest so we made it happen.
While there I felt like I was photographing my own family. Being a bit intrusive, but no one seemed to mind. It helps that I’ve been photographing them since we met 8 years ago. Being able to focus on their family and their dynamic the entire weekend was such a blessing and so much fun. I really feel like I created an important body of work… if only for them.  Here is a link to their whole session, if you care to see. #DayInALife #documentaryPhotography #eichler #MidCenturyModern #BayAreaHome

One of the main features of an Eichler home are the mahogany paneled walls throughout, along with floor to ceiling windows allowing for amazing light. #DayInALife #documentaryPhotography #eichler #MidCenturyModern #BayAreaHome

Expression and gesture. #DayInALife #documentaryPhotography #eichler #MidCenturyModern #BayAreaHome

Eichler homes more often than not boast an atrium that can be seen from every common space in the house. So many windows. The cats love the atrium. #DayInALife #documentaryPhotography #eichler #MidCenturyModern #BayAreaHome

The orange exterior door leads to the atrium. If you haven’t walked through an Eichler, you need to. They are pretty amazing. Just stay away from any with stucco… a stucco exterior is not original would probably not hold the original details inside. #DayInALife #documentaryPhotography #eichler #MidCenturyModern #BayAreaHome

I joined in on family dinner. William suggested I get it from above. He’s a pretty great photographer and I can’t wait to see what he does in the next few years.

Wish You Were Here: Still Raining

It has been raining for what seems like forever.  We have had a few hours reprieve between downpours the last couple of days and I am hoping for no rain tonight.  Zach and I are heading to Red Rocks for the Decemberist, Spoon and Courtney Barnett show.  We don’t want to be wet. #DayInALife #RainDays #documentaryPhotography
Spend a lot of time indoors with two boys and indoor soccer becomes a tradition. #DayInALife #RainDays #documentaryPhotography #Fort
Electronic devices under the fort. #DayInALife #RainDays #documentaryPhotography #kitten

This boy had several weeks of sick days. He keeps getting wheat somehow. Not good. #DayInALife #RainDays #documentaryPhotography

With the bowl and the kitten. She is so helpful. #DayInALife #RainDays #documentaryPhotography

Thank goodness for the kitten. When brother is down for a few days and the rain is pounding down, sometimes all he’s got is the kitty. #DayInALife #RainDays #documentaryPhotography #rain

Rainwater at its finest #DayInALife #RainDays #documentaryPhotography

When he’s sick with wheat intake, it is 3 days until he begins to feel well enough to eat and move. #DayInALife #RainDays #documentaryPhotography #cat

In the morning #DayInALife #RainDays #documentaryPhotography

Saturday morning strut