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Our Seedlings

Since the schools are planting right now, I thought we should get our seeds underway. As it stands, we are going to have a ton of thyme and kale. Anyone need some for their garden? We are happy to share.

This container is what the apples from Costco come in. I always think “what a waste of material.” So have never thrown them out. Now I’ve got a use for them. All I had to do was punch a few holes in the bottom with my awl and tape the edges. Not happy about that, as I can’t reuse that stuff. I Jimmy-rigged this fluorescent lamp ($17 at the hardware store) to our bookshelf without drilling anything into it. I think it will work nicely and can be moved up while the plants grow taller. The cover is already off the Kale… it is much taller than the thyme (pictured here)… and has to be watered every day. I want to get some tomatoes and peppers started also but will need a heat pad for that. I keep meaning to get to the thrift store for an electric blanket to use instead of the $30 heat pad. I love that idea.