Newborn Session: sweetest little sister

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I photographed this babe just before she entered the world. Remember? She’s here and she fits right in with the rest of her siblings, looking so similar to both her big bro and sister. Wish I had a few shots of the three together. We’ll have to do that soon. #infantportrait #denverphotographer #newborn #infantportrait #denverphotographer #newborn #infantportrait #denverphotographer #newborn #infantportrait #denverphotographer #newborn #infantportrait #denverphotographer #newborn #infantportrait #denverphotographer #newborn

Dad took a minute from work to give a rub. #infantportrait #denverphotographer #newborn


Maternity Portrait: A Leap

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Every time I think of this momma and her newest addition I think of the leap of faith it took to get this little bug into the world.  Fear is huge when contemplating creating a life.  I remember the leap it took for Zach and I to decide to have our first.  Sometimes the leap is even bigger to have another.  There is always pain and sometimes loss with a pregnancy.

I heard a mom speak the other day, I think at church, about the sacrifice that is made of mind, body and even life while carrying and delivering a child.  That sacrifice is so profound and all too often forgotten or never understood by a child.  I know I need to be reminded of the sacrifice made for me and am grateful for those I know who live this selfless life.

After all the what-ifs have been laid to rest, the risks listed, the fears looked at head on, this child has arrived.  She is here.  Momma and baby are well and life goes on. #maternity #maternity

Unique art for the moms

I cannot wait to create 10 more of these beautiful, totally unique and perfectly imperfect portraits on April 26th. I know what the moms in my family are receiving for Mother’s Day.

Do you? #mothersday #minisession #coloradophotographer #denverphotographer

Baby Bump

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This baby will arrive shortly. Everyone involved hopes he comes sooner rather then later. Except the midwife. She says he is too little. Even so, it’s never easy waiting for a gift. Although the gift of a child is a bit of a mixed bag. With all the sweetness comes late nights and cranky mornings. But all that pain and suffering sure is worth it. Enjoy your little one, Janae.