She is good…

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“by that I mean that she is a good, incredibly decent human being. I love to hear how she expresses concern over others, like the girl who thinks she isn’t beautiful. You can tell she wishes she could reach inside that girl’s heart and remove that doubt.” -Dad

The next round of I Am projects will be made between 25 September and 10 October. Contact me by the end of the week to schedule an I Am project for you child.

Wear a Mask

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Here at my studio we are taking precautions against the spread of COVID. My studio is outside and therefore, no gas mask is required. My little rocker got this gas mask for Christmas a few years ago. He was ready to play Pink Floyd’s The Wall at his next concert… not a prepper.

I Am a Dreamer

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May each and every dreamer be encouraged to explore their innate potential. We need dreamers. Fierce dreamers willing to fight to keep the dreams of others safe.
I was asked today if I am an essential worker. Yes. I am a dreamer. Aren’t dreamers some of our most essential workers?


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image transfer, encaustic medium, acrylic paint, cicada wings, gold leaf

Hierarchy: a division of angels 
a division: the act, process, or an instance of separating or keeping apart 
of angels: a spiritual being superior to humans in power and intelligence
hierarchy… superiority… manifest destiny… terra nulla… race… master… slave… ownership… clear cut… drill… poison.
Antidote: a connection of earthlings
a connection: to become joined
of earthlings: inhabitants of the earth

This is the case for Camera Phones

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Rock Climbing at Sissy Crag, North Shore, Australia

EASY, CHEAP and SIMPLE: very little to no training needed to use your camera phone. You ALWAYS have it in your pocket. You don’t need a computer to upload or edit and photo editing apps are easy AND free. There is NO excuse. You have a camera in your hands throughout the day. If you don’t pull that phone out and photograph what’s going on around you… what’s holding you back? #CameraPhones