Aspen Mountain

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The anticipation of getting married. The love everyone feels for this woman. The happy tears that were shed. Before the ceremony is one of my favorite times to photograph. #AspenMountainWedding #TheViceroy #SnowMass #AspenMountainWedding #TheViceroy #SnowMass #AspenMountainWedding #TheViceroy #SnowMass #AspenMountainWedding

The dudes. Fewer hugs, more beer, same energy and joy. #AspenMountainWedding #TheViceroy #SnowMass #AspenMountainWedding #TheViceroy #SnowMass #AspenMountainWedding #TheViceroy #AspenMountainWedding #TheViceroy

Unique art for the moms

I cannot wait to create 10 more of these beautiful, totally unique and perfectly imperfect portraits on April 26th. I know what the moms in my family are receiving for Mother’s Day.

Do you? #mothersday #minisession #coloradophotographer #denverphotographer

Erin and Mike

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Friday I spent a gorgeous day with a great group of people celebrating the union of Mike and Erin. Weddings are great. Full of emotion and love.
Here are just a few I’ve fallen for:

Christmas Cards… it’s that time of year again!

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Ok, so November is upon us. “Can’t escape November.”– The Office

I have been asked by the few folks I have photographed this season what I do for Christmas card orders. Well, typically I am told which images a client would like for the card and I create something unique.

I’ve been doing a bit of research and I saw a “newspaper” used for a family newsletter. I found a site with a list of the best newspaper design and got inspired to create this:

I’d like to see what could be done for a folded cards’ interior pages (this example is for a 5×7 flat card). What do you think? Are there any designs out there you would like to see offered by Stacie Smith Photography?

Below is what I have uploaded to the card ordering section of all photo galleries to help you choose your favorite card design. You may also have me design something completely custom. Just choose your images and card size and I’ll run with it, showing you proofs each step of the way.

Gettin’ Hitched!

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These two, I am happy to say, will be married in June. Mr. C was India’s teacher for two years so she is excited for me to photograph their wedding. I don’t photograph weddings often enough and I miss feeling the love each couple shares with everyone on their day. Thanks so much for entrusting me with your special day. I think Erin will make a beautiful bride and Mike will be all smiles.