September 2006

Weddings before Nightfall

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I love morning weddings; they are perfect.  I love the wide-brimmed hats worn by the ladies and you can’t beat the light!  If you are planning a daytime wedding with a tent I suggest finding a translucent, white tent.  This will allow the light to pass through the white material perfectly.  I love translucent tents!  In my second year of photographing weddings I had a couple who had two tents; one white tent for eating under and another dark blue tent with star cut-outs to dance under.  It was a great way to bring the illusion of night to a daytime wedding.  Visit the gallery to see the spread (highlighted in The Knot’s Wedding Pages).  From there you can visit a gallery with even more images.

Who needs  a tent when you’ve got a mansion in Rockville, MD.  Glenview Mansion to be exact.  This is where my latest wedding was held.  What a great place.  The grounds are classic; old stone walls and stairways, beautifully manicured hedges, and a fountain.  Inside there are nice, big windows and even a beautifully enclosed balcony to photograph in if it’s too wet outside.  Perfect.  I wish every venue had a great back-up place to photograph.  But if they did, I’d get lazy.  It’s all part of the challenge to make something out of nothing. 

Here are a few photographs from Ann and Marlon’s wedding.  Everyone had a great time in the rambling mansion; with cushy chairs, couches, even a dining room table!  Plenty of space for this 160 person party.  Thanks to the team from Soiree, the day went very smoothly. 

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In the City

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I love Hampden.  We tried really hard to get a place there… in the one weekend we had to find a place.  That’s my life: every weekend booked through the fall.  Being booked typically isn’t a problem;)  I love what I do!  We just like to live under-the-gun so made our move date be November 4th with my last wedding being October 8th.  Ahh, my last wedding in Boston, what a wonderful day… bitter sweet.  Luckily we found a great realitor who made everything work in one weekend.

Since we don’t live in Hampden, I can at least live vicariously through my clients… and Hairspray.  We had lots of fun exploring this street.  We found a skanky, old bench and a great stone church wall. 






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This is a surprise birthday present for these boys’ mom.  I had a blast photographing these guys; lots of laughter, silliness, and energy.  These are the things that make a great photograph. 

This is the perfect gift.  What a great idea and quite a step up from the “to the best mom” statues I used to give!  I can’t wait to get mine.  I think Zach’ll need a nudge in a few years to get him to act… But who would he hire??  HA! 

Just to keep you updated, my foot has been deemed ‘cured’.


D.C. Portrait

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I love when I am honored to photograph my friends.  This was an extra special shoot since they traveled all the way from Boston!  It was also fun since we got a chance to visit and see DC from the windows of this beautiful penthouse apartment.  Gorgeous!! 

We miss you guys, but look forward to the next visit.

Best friends forever!

The Newest Baby…

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that we know, anyway.  This week marks the first time I have been able to drive since breaking my foot.  In honor of this momentous occasion, we went raspberry picking with friends, I had 2 photo shoots, and one meeting down in Rockview (1.5 hour drive) for next week’s wedding.  We were a bit overbooked and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down.  I am smiling as I write this!!!  I am very excited to be able to get around on my own again.  Freedom! 

Ok, back to the baby.  Isn’t she sweet??