August 2007

Over the Rainbow

Since we’ve been in Colorado we have seen several rainbows. It feels like years since any of us have seen a rainbow. Is it because their are fewer buildings and trees where we live, or are there just more rainbows here? The last time I saw one was before India was born and when I walked from Cambridge to my work in Boston. We lived in Cambridge about 7 years ago. It was beautiful, right over South Station and between all those buildings along Winter Street. One of those times I wished I had a little Lica or even a little cheapy point and shoot… anything!
We caught this beauty in our yard last week. Since the sky and where India was standing were so different in exposure I took a shot metering on the sky and another metering on India from the same distance and swapped skies in Photoshop. This can also be done by bringing the exposure of India up to the same as the sky using a flash (preferably off camera). Since I was using my point and shoot, that wasn’t possible.


My Big Girl

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India is officially in Elementary School. She began on Monday. Other than the early mornings, she is loving it. Ezra doesn’t seem to notice the loss of his playmate. He gets to sleep when he wants and even some quality time with mommy… grocery shopping, poor boy.
As for me, I’m fine. I can’t wait to finally update my out-dated website. My website has sat for, um, 3 years without an update. Eeek gads, has it really been that long? Even then, we only updated half of the site. Oh, I am so bad. Thank goodness for the blog. This has kept me current. If you haven’t already done so, check out the past posts to see what I have been up to for the last year and a half.


No, this isn’t her schooliform. Although she told daddy she wanted to wear it every day it was warm and get another outfit for the cooler days. That sounds all right. Hopefully she stays easily satisfied for a long, long time.

At the Beach

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Ahh, the joys of vacation. We really needed a brake from the move. But after 2 weeks in California, we were very ready to come back to Colorado… even if it doesn’t feel quite like home yet. This is my niece Lucy with India at Swami Beach where the kids dodged the waves in their Sunday best.

As is the tradition when all the cousins get together, I photographed each of the kids. Last year I had a broken foot, so wasn’t in any shape to do more than a mundane family portrait. This year I feel I captured them nicely.



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India spent a week learning how to be a clown at a summer day camp. She painted her own face, learned to make balloon animals and I just found out that she road on a unicycle. The things I learn when my daughter is talking with strangers.
The funny thing is, now, instead of wanting to be a scientist like her daddy she wants to be a clown when she grows up. Does a clown have flexible hours. If so that’s a great career choice!