Over the Rainbow

Since we’ve been in Colorado we have seen several rainbows. It feels like years since any of us have seen a rainbow. Is it because their are fewer buildings and trees where we live, or are there just more rainbows here? The last time I saw one was before India was born and when I walked from Cambridge to my work in Boston. We lived in Cambridge about 7 years ago. It was beautiful, right over South Station and between all those buildings along Winter Street. One of those times I wished I had a little Lica or even a little cheapy point and shoot… anything!
We caught this beauty in our yard last week. Since the sky and where India was standing were so different in exposure I took a shot metering on the sky and another metering on India from the same distance and swapped skies in Photoshop. This can also be done by bringing the exposure of India up to the same as the sky using a flash (preferably off camera). Since I was using my point and shoot, that wasn’t possible.


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