July 2008

The Littlest Miracle

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It’s a miracle that so much pain and suffering can bring something so wonderful into the world.
This tiny newborn was about 5 lbs and two weeks old when I came to photograph. A baby is a newborn for such a short time. After the first couple of weeks they start packin’ it on and no longer have that newborn, wrinkly old man look. I love when I can catch them while they are still small.

My Kids and Me

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I have had the above image on my website’s info page for too long. I was pregnant with Ezra, and we still had about 4 months in Boston. It was taken by our friend Ryuji Suzuki with my then new Mamiya 6 rangefinder camera. Ahh those were the days of film and fun medium format rangefinders.

The other image of me floating around in cyberspace is this one taken in college.  My friend Christian Romero shot it for a class project.  He used 6 florescent tubs for light.  Pretty cool effect.  Christian also photographed our wedding… coming up on 11 years now!

Even though I love these images, it is time for a change. So yesterday I decided to pull out the tripod and get a few shots with both my kids. Luckily I have an assistant in training. She sat for me so I could focus. Then I had to wake up the monster. He enjoyed watching the light blink and the shutter fire. Too bad it made him smile after the exposure was made!

This was taken before waking the monster

1st shot was beautiful, I thought this would be a piece of cake. Well the final pick is nice, but far from perfect.

Here are a few of the outtakes that really show you what this shoot was all about:

Problems with focus, cropping and those fingers

You’re supposed to be over here…

Where’s my girl?

Thankfully we are going to have our family portrait taken next week. I can’t wait to see what she does with us. I think all photographers should be photographed at some time or another. I just never have!

Happy Fourth!

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This little, tiny baby is so precious.  He came and through many miracles is safe and sound. More to come of him.  Just couldn’t pass up the red, white and blue.

Old Neighbors

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First, the twins.  Super cute and very different from each other.  One like mom, one like dad.  The most bizarre thing was, they live across the street from some friends who had just moved back to JP about a year ago.  We were at their house for dinner the night before and back the next day only across the street.  The kids wanted to go back and play with the bigger kids after our visit with the babies.  Too bad school was still in session.

Then we headed to Brookline to visit our other neighbor.  She got married and had a baby since we had seen her last.  She used to spoil India with all sorts of candy that our picky little one sometimes ate.  Thankfully India remembered her old pal and the kids had fun playing with baby B and his toys.

I can’t wait to photograph this little guy again.  I guess once we make it back to Boston, he’ll be a bit older.  Maybe he’ll even have a sibling??

The Green House

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Ahhh, the Green House.  We love staying at the Green House.  Our friends there are so great.  The kids have fun playing and we get to relive our time in Boston.  It is just down the street from our old place, after all.  I will miss visiting them once they have moved back to Switzerland.  I guess we’ll just have to visit them there!

It’s hard to tell here, but she’s expecting her fourth.

just like old times.  These two had a blast together.