Old Neighbors

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First, the twins.  Super cute and very different from each other.  One like mom, one like dad.  The most bizarre thing was, they live across the street from some friends who had just moved back to JP about a year ago.  We were at their house for dinner the night before and back the next day only across the street.  The kids wanted to go back and play with the bigger kids after our visit with the babies.  Too bad school was still in session.

Then we headed to Brookline to visit our other neighbor.  She got married and had a baby since we had seen her last.  She used to spoil India with all sorts of candy that our picky little one sometimes ate.  Thankfully India remembered her old pal and the kids had fun playing with baby B and his toys.

I can’t wait to photograph this little guy again.  I guess once we make it back to Boston, he’ll be a bit older.  Maybe he’ll even have a sibling??

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