January 2010

The NEW Brag Book

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I’ve got 11 images in this tiny thing. These are perfect for any pocket or purse and have also been seen displayed on this mom’s desk at the office.

These come in sets of three identical books. You may purchase just one little book, but the cost per book is quite a bit more. There are several cover choices (along with a faux leather). There are also several paper choices, you’ll have to ask me to see some samples of these.

I am excited to offer these since back in the day I would make accordion books for my wedding clients. I was always using nice ribbon to tie the books closed. But to keep them pretty, you’ve got to know how to tie a nice bow, and never ever tie a tight knot. I was always trying to think of an alternative. Velcro, or something more stream-lined. These babies use magnets and clamp shut on their own. Very cool.

As with most things I make, each set of mini albums will be slightly customized. I’ll be adding something pretty to the front of each. Like this fleur de lis. It helps to know which side is up.


This is a sick house. The kids are dropping like flies. I’m really the only hold out. We’ll see how long it takes for me to fall victim to this cold. Hopefully never, I’ve suffered enough already.
I took these because I was trying to figure out why my camera kept taking one raw and one jpg. Some little hands must have found the menu button on the back of my camera.

This is really telling of how life has been in the Smith house lately. Zed hasn’t let me put him down for more than 10 minutes in the past day and a half. He also refused to nurse yesterday. Can you believe he actually took a bottle? I can’t. I wonder if that will stick, then I could have babysitters care for him longer. Oh the possibilities!
Ok, some good may come from all this suffering after all.

A Star Wars Birthday

Ezra is 4! If you can’t tell, he loves Star Wars. When I asked him what he wanted to do at his party he said: “have sword fights and shoot blasters.” It sounded a lot like what we did last year. So I tried to think of something a bit different for this year. All I could come up with was having Darth Vader make an appearance. Oh, and we had some free play in the yard; intended to be Jedi Training on our ‘space craft’. Half the kids played at Star Wars the other half found the dump trucks.
They ate mini corn dogs (Ezra’s favorite right now) and apples. My attempt at making a Death Star cake totally failed so Zach made some cupcakes and I frosted them to look like a blue double light saber.

Every kid got a costume, but a handful didn’t want to dress up. Then they got to put together their own R2 unite so they could unlock the door and escape the Death Star (our living room) to finish their Jedi Training (play outside). Most were not too interested in making this thing… maybe next year they’ll be old enough for this type of work. The bigger kids loved it.

Each kid got a chance to fight Darth Vader. Even the littlest one loved this, he’s a spit-fire.

For about a year, Ezra prayed for a blue double sword. When Santa finally brought it, he felt it was a bit inferior so we took it back and got a red sword like Darth Vader. In any case, he loved his cake… a full sized, blue double sword.

Ezra was really excited about dressing up like Anakin and insisted on growing his hair long for the party. I tried to tell him he didn’t have enough time to get it long enough, and that we would have to find some fake hair. He finally relented the day before the party and we went to the hair store and got him a nice, long strand of blue hair. I didn’t have time to braid it, but he was so stoked to have his Anakin hair!

Almost 3

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Today’s shoot began with a sweet boy and an oh so sweet dog. I actually couldn’t get over how sweet this dog was… I know little boys are sweet, I have two of them. But dogs.. typically they aren’t this sweet.
I love this age. Being almost 3 we had lots of fun together.
Some smiles had to be tickled out of him.
I love this shot. He was telling me about the horses in his BIG book.