The NEW Brag Book

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I’ve got 11 images in this tiny thing. These are perfect for any pocket or purse and have also been seen displayed on this mom’s desk at the office.

These come in sets of three identical books. You may purchase just one little book, but the cost per book is quite a bit more. There are several cover choices (along with a faux leather). There are also several paper choices, you’ll have to ask me to see some samples of these.

I am excited to offer these since back in the day I would make accordion books for my wedding clients. I was always using nice ribbon to tie the books closed. But to keep them pretty, you’ve got to know how to tie a nice bow, and never ever tie a tight knot. I was always trying to think of an alternative. Velcro, or something more stream-lined. These babies use magnets and clamp shut on their own. Very cool.

As with most things I make, each set of mini albums will be slightly customized. I’ll be adding something pretty to the front of each. Like this fleur de lis. It helps to know which side is up.

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  1. Hello there, I couldn’t find any way to contact you, and so I really hope that you see this comment. I own a website about leather purses, and thought you might like to swap links with me. I have submitted my email address in case you would like to get in contact. Thanks.

  2. Hi Stacie! I found your site through my sister Erika Sullivan’s blog. I LOVE these brag books! I live in UT, and am wondering, where do you get these printed? Email me if you please. Thanks! I love your work!

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