May 2012

My Boy

I took this today while Ezra’s class was eating lunch. It has been awhile since I have been able to capture this boy without the crazy faces. Don’t worry, I have plenty of those to go along with this one. It’ll make a great series for a wall in our new place.
When I see this image I think “How could I ever get angry with this beautiful boy?” Ha! Only when he won’t stop whining, which is his favorite form of communication these days. Ugh. I get so frustrated with this one. It makes me wonder if our personalities are too similar. I find myself going back and forth with him like I’m 6. Then I’ve gotta snap out of it, or Zach comes in to break it up. Oh my. But when I see this image I can’t imagine ever getting mad.

She’s 10!

How did it happen that my little squishy baby girl is now 10?! She has grown into such a beautiful, unique young woman. I only hope that each day she will be lifted by those around her and have the the courage to be her kind, loving self. I have high hopes that she will find her niche in our new neighborhood, ward and school.

Who has time to blog??

Um, not me apparently. Here’s an image from today’s shoot. Cool, modern home off 6th Street in Denver.

Meat slicer, anyone?