My Boy

I took this today while Ezra’s class was eating lunch. It has been awhile since I have been able to capture this boy without the crazy faces. Don’t worry, I have plenty of those to go along with this one. It’ll make a great series for a wall in our new place.
When I see this image I think “How could I ever get angry with this beautiful boy?” Ha! Only when he won’t stop whining, which is his favorite form of communication these days. Ugh. I get so frustrated with this one. It makes me wonder if our personalities are too similar. I find myself going back and forth with him like I’m 6. Then I’ve gotta snap out of it, or Zach comes in to break it up. Oh my. But when I see this image I can’t imagine ever getting mad.

2 thoughts on “My Boy”

  1. He is So sweet! I feel the same way about Lincoln. My favorite part about that pic is the crumbs that he has on his lips from eating lunch! Such a stud! We’re REALLY going to miss you. So sad.

  2. I can relate 100%. I look at my sweet kids when they sleep and I think how could I ever get frustrated. But then when my four year old boy is awake it’s a whole other story. Jay is constantly telling me to just not respond.

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