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It has been ages since I have photographed a home in our old neighborhood.  Arapahoe Acres, if you don’t already know, is the first post 1950’s neighborhood to gain historic status.  Once you see a few of the exterior and interiors of the homes, you will see why.  I have several homes highlighted in my Arapahoe Acres category.

This home has been owned and inhabited by a sculptor and his wife, an esthetician.  They have created a haven in their backyard and the home itself has so many unique features for an AA home.  A mud room/laundry and an attached garage are just a couple details that may only be appreciated by those of us who didn’t have these amenities.  Also, they blew insulation into their cinder block.  Huge!  I only wish we could move back.  We miss our MCM hood and home.

mid century modern exterior, yellow door, brick and wood

mid century modern yard

This yard is a haven. So green and lush.

mid century modern yard

small but mighty, these two adorned trees give much needed mid-summer shade.

mid century modern exterior, paint and brick

I am so drawn to the lines and scale of Mid Century Modern home.

mid century modern kitchen

I really like the creative way they kept the original ceiling while adding task lighting to the kitchen. bravo.

mid century modern bedroom

mid century modern bathroom, mosaic tile, mahogany bathroom vanity

This original mahogany below sink cupboard can be found in many, if not all, of the homes in Arapahoe Acres. I refinished ours. It is a detail worth saving or adding if your AA slanted cupboard has been removed.

mid century modern furniture and front room

mid century modern fireplace, brick fireplace

Little House

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Love this house.  Love it’s owners more.  So glad I got to photograph this space before they move away to another awesome house in Boulder.  If you have ever wanted to live in a MCM home.  Do it.  This one’s on the marketArapahoeAcresD

Someone Else’s Beautiful House

These are the after shots of my neighbors’ home. They added about 900 sq ft to their AA home and I think Chris Craver at C2 Architect did a wonderful job with the design. Lesley and Tim know what a cool house Ed Hawkins designed and built, they just needed a little extra space. Sometimes 900 sq ft just isn’t enough room for a modern family.
You know when you head downstairs in some 70’s ranch and find yourself in a wood paneled world of hell? Yes, we’ve all been there. When you see wood paneling done right it is so amazing. It sings. Makes me want to add reams and reams of wood paneling in our house. Ahhhh.

This is the original front room. You can see the stairwell on the right. This used to have waist high rod iron railing separating the living and family room. Now the family room is an extra bedroom. They also used this stairwell as a model for their’s.

The living room opens to the kitchen, as it always did. Minus the bar, which would have been smacking into my lens from this angle. Now the kitchen opens to the new family and dining room. The entire west wall of this room opens, thanks to a giant Nana Wall, to an expansive patio (still under construction, come on L and T keep lifting those pavers!) and kitchen garden. You can see Lesley and Tim at work here on their blog. There are probably a few before shots somewhere on there too.

Nana Wall.

Family and dining room looking in from the patio.

Kitchen with it’s green slider cupboards and the boy who lives here.

More from Arapahoe Acres

This house is stunning. Please refer to my previous post for more comments.

These stairs are so beautiful. I’ve got a neighbor wanting to revamp her stairway which is very bland. Maybe something like this?

The front room with its built in couch along the wall. So cool and so great for entertaining.

There are several different wood treatments in this home. I tried to capture them all.

A Quick Preview

I couldn’t wait for the latest Arapahoe Acres newsletter to be written. I had to share just one photo of this awesome home (which was also graciously opened for the Home Tour this past August).
I love the light, the different colors and patterns of wood, and the ceiling in this home.
The bamboo ceiling wasn’t original to the house and was probably installed some time in the ’60’s. I believe it is similar to a grass cloth paper, but with 1″ slats of bamboo. The horizontal paneling contrasting the vertical evoke a feeling of space, a feeling of walking through an outdoor courtyard with a complex of buildings. I felt like I was behind the wall of a Japanese home where each building sleeps a different generation of the family.