“I Am” Projects- Sydney, North Shore

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I Am projects

When I was 11, I started a new school with high hopes, no friends & one bully. I quickly forgot ANYONE loved me. So when my kids entered the tween years I started photographing their peers, making ‘I Am’ projects for kids 10-20 yr. old. It blows me away every time I see a tween look up & see they are important & that they have people in their corner!

I want to give kids a boost of confidence when they need it most.

An “I Am” project is… a collection of portraits & personalized affirmations for your tween. I photograph each tween in my home studio while parents reach out to family, friends & teachers to privately tell me how your child lights up the room or give words of wisdom to help them through life’s rough patches. A final collection of between 17 and 20 strong, beautiful portraits is presented to your child with the unexpected addition of quotes from their favorite people.

Who is eligible? This project is for adolescents starting at 10 year old through to young adults and even parents and grandparents can be given an I Am project.

What happens after? After I compile the quotes and sort the images I create a presentation of your child’s “I Am” project. You and your child return to my house for the screening to see the images in a multimedia presentation (tissues included).

How to participate… If you want an I Am project for your child, I will be photographing projects through the Spring Holiday and have space for only 5 tweens. I will take bookings until this Friday, 18 September by midnight… Email me directly at:

Print collections start at $450 (AUD). This would make a great birthday or graduation gift. But, really, this is a perfect ‘just because’ gift.

Spread the word… I am very new to Australia and I know very few people… if you could spread the word about my “I Am” projects I would be very grateful.

Unique art for the moms

I cannot wait to create 10 more of these beautiful, totally unique and perfectly imperfect portraits on April 26th. I know what the moms in my family are receiving for Mother’s Day.

Do you? #mothersday #minisession #coloradophotographer #denverphotographer

Christmas Cards… it’s that time of year again!

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Ok, so November is upon us. “Can’t escape November.”– The Office

I have been asked by the few folks I have photographed this season what I do for Christmas card orders. Well, typically I am told which images a client would like for the card and I create something unique.

I’ve been doing a bit of research and I saw a “newspaper” used for a family newsletter. I found a site with a list of the best newspaper design and got inspired to create this:

I’d like to see what could be done for a folded cards’ interior pages (this example is for a 5×7 flat card). What do you think? Are there any designs out there you would like to see offered by Stacie Smith Photography?

Below is what I have uploaded to the card ordering section of all photo galleries to help you choose your favorite card design. You may also have me design something completely custom. Just choose your images and card size and I’ll run with it, showing you proofs each step of the way.

She’s One!

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Ever since this little one was born, I have become the recipient of many wonderful hand-me-downs as she’s grown. You would think that I was the first time mom with the gifts this family has showered on us. It is so wonderful to have a community. It really does take a village.
Now that she’s one, we got together again for another photoshoot. What a lucky girl. Really, I was the lucky one. It’s so nice to photograph kids other than my own. I keep having dreams of working more and more; getting my name out in various ways. I need to have patience. But I love the variety that photographing others provides. I get excited at the prospect of being busy with work again.
She’s a budding bookworm too.

This swing was made by the parents. So much better looking than our plastic piece of… maybe we’ll have to commission another from them. You game for that?

Momma love. I always know when I’ve worn out my welcome. But just another with this cool little house…

So precious. Thank you for everything, you guys are the best. Have I told you that?

Big boy in San Juan

I was finally able to photograph my nephew a few days after his 3rd birthday. Can you believe I have never photographed him? It pains me greatly. It pains me more to see the photos my sister will send of him from Sears or with Santa. Kill me now 😉 So finally, finally I was able to get a few shots of him.
We headed to the San Juan Mission, not realizing there was a pretty steep entrance fee. So rather than split our group up or fork out the $60 to get us all in we just tooled around town and spent a lot of time watching the train.
The boy truly felt the freedom of a day with his cousins. Much of the time was spent running from the adults, and my camera. This is a work in progress with this little man. You cannot escape Aunt Stacie. Even with an elusive subject I feel I got several really nice portraits of this kid.
I also got a few of my sister. It has been a long time since I had photographed her. In high school she was my favorite model. Once in college I missed being able to photograph her at a whim. It’s good to stretch those creative muscles, but it’s also difficult when you don’t know anyone. I began asking random people if I could photograph them… not a good idea in a dark club. The guy who looked like Matt Damon really didn’t once in the studio. Oh well. Those were the days.