She’s One!

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Ever since this little one was born, I have become the recipient of many wonderful hand-me-downs as she’s grown. You would think that I was the first time mom with the gifts this family has showered on us. It is so wonderful to have a community. It really does take a village.
Now that she’s one, we got together again for another photoshoot. What a lucky girl. Really, I was the lucky one. It’s so nice to photograph kids other than my own. I keep having dreams of working more and more; getting my name out in various ways. I need to have patience. But I love the variety that photographing others provides. I get excited at the prospect of being busy with work again.
She’s a budding bookworm too.

This swing was made by the parents. So much better looking than our plastic piece of… maybe we’ll have to commission another from them. You game for that?

Momma love. I always know when I’ve worn out my welcome. But just another with this cool little house…

So precious. Thank you for everything, you guys are the best. Have I told you that?

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