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Color photograph of two bookbinding needles, one straight and one curved along side a handmade book, near Denver

I had the opportunity to teach a bookbinding workshop at my friend’s place in Mississippi. The binding I taught is very complicated so I decided to make a workbook to outline each step. I wanted this to be a skill my students could go home and replicate.

Some 50 hours later I birthed a comprehensive workbook on the Coptic binding that has been in my head and at my fingertips for the last 20 years. I tried to find a tutorial to use as a skeleton and no one else seems to sew the Coptic stitch quite like this.

a color photograph showing a handmade coptic bound book opening completly flat near Denver, Colorado

I love this binding because the book naturally opens flat. Coptic bound books make really great sketch books and photo albums. The binding is sewn without any adhesive which makes Coptic binding very durable. Most paperback books are glued into a text block, without any sewing. It is very difficult to repair a paperback book who’s spine has been cracked. Once that glue breaks, it’s pretty much over. Coptic binding is my perfect binding.

a color photograph showing the inside binding of a handmade coptic bound book made in Denver, Colorado

In my Mississippi class everyone was having a blast gluing the paper to the covers and poking the holes in each signature. Then came the real challenge- sewing to the covers. It’s tough, counter intuitive the first time or two- but well worth it once your book is done and beautiful.

a color photograph showing the endsheet of a handmade coptic bound book near Denver, Colorado

I plan to teach a class here in Denver some time soon. I’ve considered approaching the library to see if I can teach in their new maker space… I would probably teach simple bindings and ways to print your own book using your desktop printer. I’ll get the word out soon.

Image Transfer

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I’ve had several people ask what they should wear for their portrait.  My answer is simple.  Yes, wear something simple.  Something classic.  Something that says spring or is you.  Or go totally crazy.  I think this process could stand a little outlandish.  A little garish.  A flower crown and tiny bouquet will be on hand at the studio.  Feel free to bring along a favorite baseball glove or soccer ball.  Props work well.

Here’s a look into how I make these lovelies: #imagetransfer #mothersday #minisession #denverphotographer

She Had Blue Skin

“She had blue skin,
And so did he.
He kept it hid
And so did she.
They searched for blue
Their whole life through,
Then passed right by-
And never knew.”
― Shel Silverstein,
Every Thing on It #imageTransfer #HandColoredPhotograph

What I’ve been up to…

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I have been neglecting this space. Since the crazy Christmas rush I have been trying to be good and start my taxes, which then makes me reevaluate what I want to do with my job as a photographer, which has pushed me to photograph for myself.
I have also joined with a few other photographers in a couple projects. One is a digital postcard project entitled “Wish you were here” where we share an image each week from our place in the world. It’s pretty cool, you should go check it out.
My other project goes hand in hand with what I was beginning to photograph on my own… yet it’s different enough to keep me thinking and exploring. I’m very grateful to have discovered a wonderful group of photographers online and hope to meet a few in person this year.
The photograph below is one I created over the summer and finalized in January for the artist circle I am part of. It is very nice having a group to present things to, if only to give me a deadline. This piece currently lives among the many curiosities displayed on our cabinet. With this cold weather I’m itching to create more of these little pieces. I’ll keep you updated, my poor neglected blog.My Heart Stacie Ann Smith Photographer

Father’s Day.

To the dad of these kids.  He is good, kind, patient and loving… and willing to wrestle, dance and play video games too.