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I have been neglecting this space. Since the crazy Christmas rush I have been trying to be good and start my taxes, which then makes me reevaluate what I want to do with my job as a photographer, which has pushed me to photograph for myself.
I have also joined with a few other photographers in a couple projects. One is a digital postcard project entitled “Wish you were here” where we share an image each week from our place in the world. It’s pretty cool, you should go check it out.
My other project goes hand in hand with what I was beginning to photograph on my own… yet it’s different enough to keep me thinking and exploring. I’m very grateful to have discovered a wonderful group of photographers online and hope to meet a few in person this year.
The photograph below is one I created over the summer and finalized in January for the artist circle I am part of. It is very nice having a group to present things to, if only to give me a deadline. This piece currently lives among the many curiosities displayed on our cabinet. With this cold weather I’m itching to create more of these little pieces. I’ll keep you updated, my poor neglected blog.My Heart Stacie Ann Smith Photographer

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