Day in the Life: Leaving the Mid Mod Nest

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I have often day dreamed about visiting friends who live in far away places. Jet setting to visit a new local and enjoy the company of my good friends. My “Those I Love” personal project was born from these dreams.
I have been lucky enough to reconnect with several friends lately, one of which I didn’t photograph! We met after the sun went down, that is my excuse… and really, I get shy about asking for a photo. I am keenly aware that people aren’t super happy to be in front of the camera… especially when the idea is sprung on them. So I leave my camera in its bag, and kick myself later that I didn’t get even one photo of my friend (who lives in Mexico City).
But a few months ago I reached out to our good friends in the Bay Area who had mentioned wanting photographs in their Eichler home. A day in the life. Their son is about to leave the nest so we made it happen.
While there I felt like I was photographing my own family. Being a bit intrusive, but no one seemed to mind. It helps that I’ve been photographing them since we met 8 years ago. Being able to focus on their family and their dynamic the entire weekend was such a blessing and so much fun. I really feel like I created an important body of work… if only for them.  Here is a link to their whole session, if you care to see. #DayInALife #documentaryPhotography #eichler #MidCenturyModern #BayAreaHome

One of the main features of an Eichler home are the mahogany paneled walls throughout, along with floor to ceiling windows allowing for amazing light. #DayInALife #documentaryPhotography #eichler #MidCenturyModern #BayAreaHome

Expression and gesture. #DayInALife #documentaryPhotography #eichler #MidCenturyModern #BayAreaHome

Eichler homes more often than not boast an atrium that can be seen from every common space in the house. So many windows. The cats love the atrium. #DayInALife #documentaryPhotography #eichler #MidCenturyModern #BayAreaHome

The orange exterior door leads to the atrium. If you haven’t walked through an Eichler, you need to. They are pretty amazing. Just stay away from any with stucco… a stucco exterior is not original would probably not hold the original details inside. #DayInALife #documentaryPhotography #eichler #MidCenturyModern #BayAreaHome

I joined in on family dinner. William suggested I get it from above. He’s a pretty great photographer and I can’t wait to see what he does in the next few years.

More 4th portraits

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Here are a few more from Virginia. We miss you guys!

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_DSC5837 _DSC5838

_DSC5851 _DSC5857

_DSC5884 _DSC5903

My cute nieces and nephews.

Aunt T and Uncle Joe

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This trip to California was full of catching up. Not only was I able to photograph my nephew, I photographed my sister Teri and Joe… oh, and their monkey babies.
We headed to the beach since Teri has been a surfer forever. Apparently we went to the dog beach… since Jo loves animals, or animals love him. Whichever. It was amazing to see the dogs come and hang with him for a bit then move on. Really obvious that they like him. Me, I just asked that they didn’t sniff or slobber. I’m a wimp.

The monkeys.

Big boy in San Juan

I was finally able to photograph my nephew a few days after his 3rd birthday. Can you believe I have never photographed him? It pains me greatly. It pains me more to see the photos my sister will send of him from Sears or with Santa. Kill me now 😉 So finally, finally I was able to get a few shots of him.
We headed to the San Juan Mission, not realizing there was a pretty steep entrance fee. So rather than split our group up or fork out the $60 to get us all in we just tooled around town and spent a lot of time watching the train.
The boy truly felt the freedom of a day with his cousins. Much of the time was spent running from the adults, and my camera. This is a work in progress with this little man. You cannot escape Aunt Stacie. Even with an elusive subject I feel I got several really nice portraits of this kid.
I also got a few of my sister. It has been a long time since I had photographed her. In high school she was my favorite model. Once in college I missed being able to photograph her at a whim. It’s good to stretch those creative muscles, but it’s also difficult when you don’t know anyone. I began asking random people if I could photograph them… not a good idea in a dark club. The guy who looked like Matt Damon really didn’t once in the studio. Oh well. Those were the days.

Off to Paradise

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Not much more to say.  Will return soon.  Most likely won’t be checking email.  But will be answering my phone… sometimes.