Aunt T and Uncle Joe

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This trip to California was full of catching up. Not only was I able to photograph my nephew, I photographed my sister Teri and Joe… oh, and their monkey babies.
We headed to the beach since Teri has been a surfer forever. Apparently we went to the dog beach… since Jo loves animals, or animals love him. Whichever. It was amazing to see the dogs come and hang with him for a bit then move on. Really obvious that they like him. Me, I just asked that they didn’t sniff or slobber. I’m a wimp.

The monkeys.

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  1. You are SO talented! You mentioned in a comment on my blog “getting out of Utah” I know what you mean, but look at this! You don’t find beautiful people like that everyday in Utah getting beautiful pictures like this! Keep doing your thang girl!

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